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Mgr. Lenka Hudáková-Mamika

Žriedlová 24

04001 Košice

IČO: 44904487

DIČ: 1081702908



Mgr. Lenka Hudáková , phone: +421 908 391 154



We confirm that your personal data is used only for identification of a buyer in our website Mamika and will not be disclosed to third persons or otherwise misused.

Please note, that orders can also be placed without registration.



Buyers order constitutes a draft Purchase Contract that shall be deemed executed upon delivery of Buyers and

Sellers binding consent to such draft (binding acceptance of the Order by the Seller). Mutual rights and

obligations between the Buyer and the Seller shall come to existence at the moment of such acceptance.

Executing the Purchase Contract, the Buyer acknowledges that the Buyer has become familiar with, and gives

consent to, these Terms and Conditions including the Complaints Procedure. These Terms and Conditions and

the Complaints Procedure have been brought to the attention of the Buyer and Buyer is free to become familiar

with the same at any time.

Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order, or a part thereof, prior to execution of the Purchase Contract in the

following events: the goods are not manufactured or delivered anymore, or the price of the goods to be delivered

has changed significantly. In such event, Seller shall forthwith contact the Buyer in order to agree on the next

steps. If Buyer has already paid the purchase price, or a part thereof, such amount will be refunded to Buyers

account and the Purchase Contract will not be executed.

All Orders accepted by this shop are binding. Order may be cancelled prior to shipment thereof. If the Order is not

cancelled prior to shipment thereof and has already been shipped, the Buyer may be requested to refund the cost

connected with shipment of the goods. You will be automatically informed of the receipt of the Order by e-mail.

The detail of each product and the acceptance of the Order includes the expected delivery time of the goods that

is currently out of stock. The description of each item contains the information whether or not the goods are in

stock. If the goods are not in stock or in supplier's stock, you will be forthwith informed of the delivery date.


If you cancel the Order within 12 hours, the Order is deemed cancelled. The cancellation notice may be given by

e-mail or by phone. The cancellation notice must contain your name, e-mail, and Order number.



STANDARD SHIPPING via Slovak post services

After dispatching your order you will recieve an e-mail with tracking informations about your package so you can check on it during the whole delivery time.

DELIVERY WITHIN EUROPE normally takes 4-6 business days. 

Orders valued EUR 300 or more are shipped FREE OF CHARGE.

Down payment to the account: EUR 10.00

WORLDWIDE DELIVERY normally takes 6-8 business days.

Orders valued EUR 300 or more are shipped FREE OF CHARGE.

Down payment to the account: EUR 15.00


delivered within 24 hours

Shiping costs: EUR 25.00


The invoice is sent via e-mail or will be delivered in the package. The warranty period starts running on the date specified in the document. In case of doubt, the warranty period may be extended by five (5) days to compensate the time of transport.



If the goods are not in compliance with the Purchase Contract at delivery to the Buyer ("Non-compliance with the

Purchase Contract"), the Seller shall fix the goods to make them compliant with the Purchase Contract without

any undue delay and free of charge at Buyer's discretion either by replacement or repair of those goods; if this is

not possible, the Buyer may request a reasonable discount of the price for the goods or may decide to withdraw

from the Contract. This shall not apply if the Buyer was aware of the Non-compliance with the Purchase Contract

prior to acceptance of the goods or if the Non-Compliance with the Purchase Contract is caused by the Buyer. A

Non-Compliance with the Purchase Contract which appears in the course of six months from acceptance of the

goods shall be deemed a Non-Compliance existing at the time of acceptance thereof, unless in conflict with the

nature of the goods or unless the contrary is proved.

The goods are covered by a warranty period as set out by the law.



If the Purchase Contract is entered into by way of remote means of communication (at an e-shop), the consumer

may withdraw from the Contract within 14 days from acceptance of the goods. In such event, the consumer shall

contact the Seller and preferably give the Seller a written notice of withdrawal from the Contract stating the Order

number, date of purchase, and the account number where to refund the money paid. The notice of withdrawal

from the Contract must be delivered no later than on the last day of a 14-day period. In special circumstances, the

period may be extended, but no more than to 30 days from delivery.

However, this regulation may not be understood as gratuitous lending of the goods. If the consumer exercises the

right to withdraw from the Contract within 14 days from acceptance of the goods, the consumer must return to the

supplier everything which has been delivered under the Purchase Contract. If this is not possible anymore (e.g.

the goods were meanwhile destroyed or consumed), the consumer must reimburse the Seller for everything

which cannot be returned back. If the returned goods are only partially damaged, the Seller may exercise the right

to damages and offset Seller's claim against the purchase price to be refunded. In such event, the Seller is

obligated to prove the damage incurred. The Seller shall then refund the purchase price decreased as set forth


The Seller may also offset Seller's actual cost incurred in connection with goods return (cost of transport, etc.)

against the purchase price to be refunded to the Buyer.



for Services, if the consumer has consented to the commencement of the services prior to the expiry of the 14-

day period from acceptance of the delivery;

for goods or services, the price of which depends on the stock market fluctuations which are outside Seller's


for goods tailored to Buyer's needs or to suit Buyer, or for goods which undergo rapid deterioration, wear and tear,

or aging. 



Certain shipments may be divided in multiple packages. The postage remains unchanged.

All shipments are tracked until delivered in order to avoid issues occurring in transit.


 Prepare the goods as described below.

 Send the goods back at the address by registered mail via Slovenská pošta (Slovak Post) or by courier;

we recommend that you insure the shipment against the risk of loss. 


The goods must be complete (including accessories and all documentation) and in the same condition as the one

in which they were at delivery. Attach the purchase document to the goods. Always use wrapping paper or

cardboard in order to prevent fouling of the genuine packaging with glue, writing, or otherwise, in transit. Do not

send the goods by way of COD, we recommend that you insure the goods. Your money will be refunded to your

bank account (do not forget to provide it) normally within 3 business days from receipt of the returned shipment. In

the event of goods return, the amount will be decreased by the transport cost (not applicable to complaints!).



All payment methods - can be selected before you select the method of transport. All payment methods are

included in the price of transport. 

down payment to our account - if you choose this payment method, you will receive a down payment request

containing all data required for making your payment. The goods will be shipped once the payment is credited to

our bank account;

cash on delivery - the ordered goods will be sent by DPD and you will pay for the goods in cash on delivery; 

payment card




You don´t have to worry about paying by payment cards. We use a 3-D secure payment gateway supported by

card associations. All internal information (password, names, transaction) is encrypted. General information

(information about individual items of the goods) is not encrypted in order to increase the speed of processing.


If the goods you receive are damaged or non-functional, take measures as described in the Complaints

Procedure. Goods return owing to withdrawal from the Contract is described in section 6 of the Terms and




Products in the complaints procedure must be handed over for review immediately after discovery of a defect,

they must be clean, and accompanied with the appropriate documentation and defect description, or defect



In the event of complaint, you may choose one of the two options described below: Send the product to the

following address: Lenka Hudáková, Borodáčova 8, 04017 Košice-Barca. The transport cost shall be borne by the

Seller. Once you know when and where we can pick up the shipment, contact us. The goods must be complete

(including accessories and all documentation) and in the same condition as the one in which they were at

delivery. The purchase document shall be attached to the goods. Always use wrapping paper or cardboard in

order to prevent fouling of the genuine packaging with glue, writing, or otherwise, in transit. Do not send the goods

by way of COD, the goods will not be accepted. We recommend that you insure the goods. You will receive a

complaint report as soon as we receive the goods. The goods must be properly packaged in order to prevent any

further damage in transit. Defective or damaged goods will be replaced or the purchase price will be refunded.

The goods must be accompanied with all documents the Buyer received along with the goods, including (without

limitation) receipt, warranty card, etc. The Seller does not assume liability for damages out of use of the products,

functional properties, and damages owing to unprofessional use of products, or damages caused by external

events and incorrect handling. This kind of defects is excluded from the warranty. For reasons of hygiene, the

goods in complaints procedure can only be accepted if properly cleaned. If the manufacturer provides a longer

warranty, such longer warranty is specified at the goods in the catalogue. If a complaint is declined, the Seller

may charge the cost of complaints procedure and handling fees. You will be informed of the outcome of your

complaint by e-mail or SMS. As in the case of Order delivery, you will be informed of package shipment and

delivery dates. Thank you for your time reading the Terms and Conditions.

Yours Mamika

The Terms and Conditions are valid as of 1 February 2017 until revoked. 

Information for Buyers: in case of any changes of the Terms and Conditions, your purchase order shall be

governed by the Terms and Conditions valid at the time of your order placement.