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We are two moms, cousins and BFFs! The love for babywearing finally let us design our own babywearing brand. Since we are babywearing every single day, we needed some special clothes whitch would be super comfortable.


We designed a casual jacket that is a great choice for everyday outings. You can wear it during pregnancy, with a baby in the back carrying or front facing position, or even when you decide to hang out with your girls. We know, such moments are as rare as blue diamonds :). 
And so, we got down to work. 

What followed was a looooong fabric selection and testing process, and particularly the quest for a tailor. All this we couldn't handle without our carriers, since we did all of this along with our three lively children (Philip, give the scissors back to the tailor! Honey, don't pull that yarn! Vicky, spit that button out!). 
We could never ever get over the hours spent at a tailor's workshop and around 300 stairs up and down the warehouses without our carriers.


We have plenty of ideas we keep working on, we hope you like our designs, and believe that we will be able to continue in designing more and more great pieces with your support. 

The Mamika brand is our inspiration, our work, and our love!